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That’s the O’Brien in you…

A shade darker now, this earthly light
Where once rang out the sounds of support.
No more;
A shade colder too, without your smile
Which charmed the hearts of so many.
All gone.

I rage at the injustice,
At the cruelness of a God
Who would see fit to remove the star
Which outshone Sirius,
To destroy the oasis of hope
In a desert of life-long despair.

But then I hear your voice:
“Oh lover, don’t be so ruddy stupid.”
And just like always,
The anger dissipates, replaced with insight;
And I know that wherever you are,
You’re making damn sure everyone behaves.

Even Him.


The sun’s riding high
Punching holes in the sky
Apex to horizon burns red

And my throat scratches dry
As I sit here and try
To remember the words that she said.

“You’re the best I could hope for,
You treat me so well
You’re all that a girl ever needs”

If she really meant that,
If those words were true,
Then why the hell did she leave?

City of ghosts

I thought I saw her yesterday.
Can’t be sure though;
It’s been almost seventeen years.

It certainly looked like her though.
Blonde hair, tied back,
And that little half-sneering smile.

Maybe I was just letting my
Mind fill in blanks;
Like I wanted it to be her.

And then I noticed something else:
She was pregnant.
Then – a deeper realisation…

Surely, this is what women want?
And now I know
My own path will never cross hers.