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You’d be hard pushed to find a shitter band than Insane Clown Posse. Their particular brand of offensive sub-par misogynistic rap-core seems to attract retarded fans by the score, who dress up as clowns and assert that “nobody understands them”.

“Jugglos”, they call themselves. Well, we do actually understand you. I know it seems weird, but we understand really well, you see, we just think you’re all massive twats.

Anyway, today I was feeling a little creative, so I took an ICP song (well, I say “song”, I don’t really know what it should be called), “Miracles”, and transformed it from a crappy rap-core song into a traditional folk dirge. I tried to make it moving and epic, but as I was pushed for time it’s a little rough around the edges. Still, the people who’ve heard it seem to think it’s good, and have suggested I make some more.

What do you guys think?

Where them white girls at?

So last night I had a bizarre dream in which I scrawled a grafitto in the form of a poem on the wall in a dressing room of a theatre. In my dream I found the poem hilarious. In real life… well I guess it’s still kind of funny, although I have no idea what it means. Here is that poem:

White girls can party;
Fat girls can roll.
White girls can 27;
Fat girls can porn.

NB: I have no idea what “27” means in this context. Nor have I ever used the word “porn” as a verb (transitive or intransitive).

Interpretations welcome.