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So I recorded an album…

Long term readers of this blog may remember a time about three years ago when I posted a message about how I found some like minded musicians on the internet and formed a band. Well, at the weekend, we released our first album.

This means so much to me in so many ways. Firstly, it is the culmination of a lifelong desire -to record an album and have others enjoy my music. Secondly, it’s one of the few projects I’ve ever actually finished. Ordinarily I start enthusiastically, but only get so far before giving up. This album has made me realise that with determination I can see any project through to its conclusion.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. You can listen for yourself, or order a copy of the limited edition CD, from Trespasser’s Band camp page: http://trespasseruk.bandcamp.com

If you want us to play in your venue, email gigs@trespasser.org.uk or if you want more info, go to http://www.trespasser.org.uk

In the meantime, why not watch the video to one of our songs, “Five Fingers Fold To A Fist”

Stockholm Mask

I know I still have not posted anything about my trip to Kilimanjaro. I have been… not really in the right frame of mind.

I did write a song though, so you can have that instead.

And the lyrics if you’re interested:

Lost sight of everyone
Memories as ghostly as the fog
I’ve no choice but to run and hide
Haunted day and night by this black dog

Unwilling fugitive
Dredging up resistance from my core
Switch, cover up to give a false
Impression of me forevermore

Crushed under the weight of a thousand fucking lies
this Stockholm syndrome Existence
Dug my own grave and lined it well with broken promises
But I refuse to die.

Still alive, still functioning
Burning all the bridges that I cross
Won’t stop though everything is gone
When you feel nothing all you feel no loss

A thousand lies a thousand deaths a thousand fucking more
A thousand shattered slivers of life
Manifest in me, distorted mockery of self, but hear me
Dug my own grave and lined it well with broken promises
But I refuse to die.

Five Fingers Fold To A Fist

I wrote this before the general election, but it seems even more relevant now. This will be on the Trespasser album when it finally gets released – at present there’s no recording of it so you’ll have to imagine what it sounds like.

They lie to you,
Again and again,
Twisting their words like a knife in your back
As you smile;
And then they do it some more.
Chronicle unquestioned – sold to us all.

Break this stranglehold on, on our society
Tune out the system, think for yourself
Web of lies you believe will keep you pacified
As long as you think you are free you will never revolt

Stand up and fight, stand up and fight,

Your anger will free you, but first you must unleash your rage.

You can’t change the world with a Facebook status,
Organise! Organise!
We’re taking our lives back from the ones who betrayed us,
Occupy! Occupy!
It’s only gonna happen if we make the decision to
Mobilise! Mobilise!
We’re all victims of reciprocal inhibition,
Globalise! Globalised resistance!


You want the world to stand up and listen?
You need to raise your voice to a scream,
One voice, then two, then eight and then millions,
United resistance!
Take back the streets of your towns in live protest
The fire inside will show you the way,
Freedom through anger turned on oppression

Resist! Light it up, light it up, stoke the fire!
Resist! Light it up, light it up, stoke the fire!


When in Rome

I decry the system which generates
The full collapse of everyone’s soul;
Stand up, fight back and choose the alternative:
Freedom from greenback’s ruthless control

But you sit and wait,
And you want what they’ve got,
Patiently waiting
For your time at the top.
Sure, you’re hurting now,
But you force out a grin
Never realising
You will never be them.

Assimilation, complete and secure,
Forever a slave to it all.
Surrender your free will, don’t want to be poor,
Determined to never fall down, down, down, down
Toss your ideals on the pyre of wealth, and
We’ll watch them all burn up into the night.
Once they’re gone you’ll
Never understand why you’re losing the fight.

Still you sit and wait,
You still want what they’ve got,
Patiently waiting
For your time at the top.
But you still don’t see
So let me say it again:
No matter how hard you try
you will never be them

Born into a broken system
Cry: hand to mouth scream, hand to mouth scream

We bleed red, but
You bleed green, content to
Be enslaved, to
Dreams of acquisition.

Follow the path as laid down by your masters,
Promised a kingdom of lies built on sand,
Claim you’re too deeply entrenched to be saved now,
Why aren’t you making demands?

Power concedes nothing without a demand,
Power concedes nothing without a demand,
Power concedes nothing without a demand,
Power concedes nothing without a demand,
Power concedes nothing without a demand,
Power concedes nothing without a demand,
Power concedes nothing without a demand,
But you won’t even wipe the fucking blood off your hands!

We bleed red, but you bleed green.

Vote TRESPASSER for a brighter tomorrow

Hi guys, if you want to do me a massive favour, you can go to this page: https://www.facebook.com/events/799878436736951/permalink/803512653040196/?qa_ref=qd and vote for TRESPASSER in the poll a little way down.

If we win the vote we get an automatical slot at Eradication Death / Black Metal festival.

The joke is that we’re not death metal or black metal…. we’re aggressive hardcore. But I reckon we can blow the whole lot of them away.

Anyone who votes will get shoutouts on the day.

First Stafford, next…. the world!

Well last night’s show was better than I could have possibly anticipated. When I first set off, however, I wasn’t sure I’d make it at all.

There had been an accedent on the M6 (which is one of the UK’s most notorious roads), which had traffic bcked up between Rugby and Coventry. I didn’t want to be stuck on the M6 for hours, so I decided to take a detour around Coventry and then rejoin the motorway out past Birmingham… I hadn’t counted on the rush hour. Two damn hours it took me to get to Stafford.

Still, make it I did and we managed to get a rudimentary sound check in before the doors opened. At the start of the night the place was pretty dead, and I was concerned that I’d got pumped only to play to a handful of people. But just before 9, a whole raft of people poured in. This was more promising

The bar we were playing in was pretty small, and people were pretty well packed in. this was good. I donned my war-paint and we hit the stage.

Everything went pretty much perfectly. Even when Alex, my drummer, dropped his stick, he managed to keep going one-handed until he grabbed a spare… and the speed that this guy plays, that’s no mean feat.

Crowd response was overwhelmingly positive. No polite ripples of applause, we’re talking full on cheering here. There was a small contingent of enthusiasts at the front beginning a moshpit, but considering the size of the place we were in, it’s probably fortuitous that it stayed small.

At the end of our set, the crowd were chanting for one more song. Unfortunately, our time was up and we had to make room for the headliners, UKID.

Feedback from crowd members was positive, many could not believe it was our first show, many others were deliberating on which bands we sounded like – Comback Kid? Dillinger Escape Plan? Converge? all of them and none of them. To me that’s a good sign. It tells me that our sound is reasonably unique, but that were have an appeal to fans of established hardcore acts.

We made £30 or so selling demo CDs on a “pay what you like” basis, with no minimum spend (we gave many away for free). The plan is that all proceeds will go towards recording an album. We’re not trying to make money from this, we just want to make people move. The guy that owns the studio where we practise has offered us a decent deal on recording time, so we have a target now

Our next show is at a Zombie Paintball event in May. The new material we’re working on will add momentum.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen: all my band members, their partners, The Grapes music bar in Stafford, Midlands Metalheads Radio for playing our stuff and promoting the gig, UKID for letting us borrow some of their kit to save time, and everyone who came out for a good time, especially those three lads who were into RnB but still got up to dance.

We’re set to smash the world to pieces.

Follow Trespasser on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/trespasseruk
Follow Trespasser on soundcloud: http://www.facebook.com/trespasseruk