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America, fuck yeah

Just thought I’d let you know I’m in America right now, but I decided to create a separate blog to keep track of the adventure, so had on over to http://assholesontour.wordpress.com to follow along.

So far I’ve been to New York, Boston, Salem, Albany, Niagara Falls, Canada (briefly) and Erie.

Come and join the fun

Singapore: where everything is beautiful

I sit writing this update from gate c23 of Changi airport, waiting for the flight that will take me on the final leg of my journey to Perth. Today has been a long one.

After flying from Birmingham to Dubai at midday on Sunday, I flew into Singapore on the redeye from Dubai. There was a 12 hour layover at Changi, so I decided it was best to get out and explore the city.


A few weeks prior I’d posted a massage on couchsurfing.com asking for a local to show me around from an insider’s perspective. I had a couple of responses to this, and I met up with both of them at the bayside station.


One of my guides had to leave abruptly due to an emergency, but I got a great tour of some awesome sights of the city nonetheless. Also present was another fellow couch surfer from Sweden who had arrived in Singapore the same day.


The city is stunning. It’s outrageously clean and has a super efficient public transport system. I wish I had more time to see more!

Right now my legs are aching and I’m tired as Hell. I’m looking forward to a long sleep on the flight.

Around the world in 36 hours

Ok so it’s been a long time since I posted anything. “What have you been up to? ” I hear none of you cry. Well, that’s not really important. What IS important is that I am sat in an airport, about to fly to Australia.

My journey has three legs to it: first to Dubai, then on to Singapore. I’m in Singapore for 12 hours or so, so I’m going to try and see the sights while I’m there. Then it’s on the plane again to Perth.

I’m not staying in Perth the whole time; on boxing day I’m flying to Alice Springs and then hiking to Uluru. After that I’m flying to Melbourne for new year, and then home I come.

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people. I’ve already met one guy at the airport who is flying to Amsterdam to see New Model Army in concert. We got chatting; for some reason he thinks I’m Australian. That’s fine, maybe I’ll be Australian for this journey.

I’m looking forward to turning what is traditionally the worst time of year for me into an unforgettable experience. If any if you reading want to be part of it, let me know, I’m sure we could meet up if I’m in the area.

1 hour until boarding. Let’s do this.

Kilimanjaro Challenge

Hi everyone.

Next year, myself and some of my students will be trekking to the summit of the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro. The trip to the highest point on the African continent will be the greatest physical challenge many of us will have faced in our lives, but we have a reason and a purpose for this.

Mount KilimanjaroWe are raising money for Myton Hospice, a local charity which provides support for people suffering from terminal illness, and also support for their families. The Myton Hospice “Rainbow Ripples” fund specifically provides support to young people afftected by terminal illness and loss.

There are fourteen of us in total taking the challenge, and we aim to raise in the region of £30,000 for the charity in total. I have set myself a personal goal of £3,000, and will be taking part in a number of fundraising events over the next few months.

I have set up a Just Giving charity page here: https://www.justgiving.com/2Karl

If you visit this page you can read more about the charity we are raising money for, and also make a donation. Please give what you can, no matter how small, and please pass the link on to other people you know. All of the money raised on the site will go directly to the charity; I am funding the trip myself.

If everyone following this blog gave just £5, I’d instantly be halfway towards my goal.

In addition to donations, I also welcome fundraising suggestions.

Thanks for reading.

Nearly home…

Currently in a service station on the southbound m1 just outside Sheffield. All going well, should be home in an hour our so.

We stopped off at the Angel of the North just outside Gateshead. It’s a creepy thing.




We took a detour across the north York moors, and stopped off at York, but the rush hour traffic wasn’t kind, so we decided to just hit the m1 home.

It’s been fun.

Back in the old country

With over a thousand miles notched up and precious little time left, we got an early start.

After breakfast we climbed Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano in Edinburgh’s city limits. It was a fun climb and very windy, but the weather was nice.


Splendid views of the Lothian countryside too.


We hit the road and headed south, and as we were passing over the English border the weather started turning nasty, so there wasn’t much opportunity to admire the view:



We’re currently in Otterburn, the site of a battle which took place in August 1388. A memorial to the battle still stands, although the writing on it is all but illegible, having weathered away over time:


So it’s back to the road and it looks like the weather it’s clearing up enough to give us some good views of the Northumberland national park…

The best plan is no plan at all

With the rain lashing down, we decided to walk into Edinburgh city centre. It’s a beautiful place, easily ranking alongside Dublin in my “top capital cities” gauge.


We decided to take shelter in the Scottish national gallery (which is home to some truly spectacular pieces, and as luck would have it, is open late on Thursday nights).

While there we discovered that renowned harpist Alina Bzhezhinska would be playing a short concert. We sat and admired the art while listening to the beautiful sounds of the harp, both classical and contemporary. A truly magical performance.

On the way back to the b&b we stopped for some Italian cuisine (I felt it fit with the cosmopolitan theme of our evening), after which the rain had practically stopped too.

All in all, a truly remarkable visit to a truly remarkable city.