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Five Fingers Fold To A Fist

I wrote this before the general election, but it seems even more relevant now. This will be on the Trespasser album when it finally gets released – at present there’s no recording of it so you’ll have to imagine what it sounds like.

They lie to you,
Again and again,
Twisting their words like a knife in your back
As you smile;
And then they do it some more.
Chronicle unquestioned – sold to us all.

Break this stranglehold on, on our society
Tune out the system, think for yourself
Web of lies you believe will keep you pacified
As long as you think you are free you will never revolt

Stand up and fight, stand up and fight,

Your anger will free you, but first you must unleash your rage.

You can’t change the world with a Facebook status,
Organise! Organise!
We’re taking our lives back from the ones who betrayed us,
Occupy! Occupy!
It’s only gonna happen if we make the decision to
Mobilise! Mobilise!
We’re all victims of reciprocal inhibition,
Globalise! Globalised resistance!


You want the world to stand up and listen?
You need to raise your voice to a scream,
One voice, then two, then eight and then millions,
United resistance!
Take back the streets of your towns in live protest
The fire inside will show you the way,
Freedom through anger turned on oppression

Resist! Light it up, light it up, stoke the fire!
Resist! Light it up, light it up, stoke the fire!