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Last night’s dream

I dreamt I was somewhere. a building, a venue, a stadium or something. Out through the window I saw a huge owl perch on a tree stump. I looked again and there was another owl, darker than the first. Suddenly a third, running along the ground, stretching its wings out in a silent dance. The under-feathers were iridescent green and its eyes were huge as it continued its dance.

Then I was running, trying to escape the building, but every door I took, every escalator led to a dead end filled with misbehaving children. Then the children were gone – even the one who dropped his headphones on the escalator, the one I stopped to help. The bridges were lowered and the doors were sealed.

Suddenly I was no longer in the venue… I was in a wooden house. I had cooked food for someone who was late. Always late. “That’s OK,” said the hostess, “We can have noodles and salad outside.”

In the blink of an eye I was ascending in a lift up to the 5th floor, ascending to the point where my friend had jumped. I thought I could stop him, prevent it from happening, but even as I pushed the lift button I knew it was too late. And yet I still tried.

And then I was alone.