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Battlestar Galactica

Following on from the post a made a while back showing my Viper Mk. II, here’s some pics of The Bucket herself, the Battlestar Galactica.

Galactica is on of my favourite space ships of all time, for a variety of reasons, so I really wanted to do her justice. I did toy with the idea of giving her some battle damage so she would appear as she did after the battle of New Caprica, but I never got round to doing the weathering.

However, as she is an aging ship which was about to be decomissioned and turned into a museum ship, she’s got signs of age. Her armour panellings are mismatched and don’t fit together properly. To get this effect, I painted squares of subtly different coloured metallic paint over the entirety of the ship’s panelling. The recesses in the ribbing were washed with a mix of black ink and gunmetal grey, applied in multiple coats to add depth (which unfortunately the photographs do not show up).

Having recently found out that Moebius Models have released a Battlestar Pegasus kit on the same scale as Galactica, I am eager to get my hands on this kit. I think The Beast would look pretty awesome on the shelf next to The Bucket (even though she’s not as good looking).

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