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The Saturday night misery train

Not for the first time
I sit here contemplating
That I am nothing

It’s about time

Well it’s valentine’s day, so I decided to write a depressing song. True to form, I fuck it up twice while playing it.

Clouds scar the blue sky
And I miss you
But you’re never coming home
You left it behind
And you’re gone
But not forgotten

Oh, Remember those days
When we fought the world
And damned be the consequences
And sure, so sure we’d win
We never thought our world could fall apart

Time heals all wounds
I still miss you
As I look around my home
These things I don’t need
and perhaps
you had it right

It’s time to leave
Too long I’ve let myself rot
I know that I won’t see you again
But I just have to go

I think of the people I’ve left…
Maybe they’ll miss me
But I’m never going home

We’re meant for something more than living just to put food on our plates

I’m sat in a coffee bar in my home-town listening to terrible music and watching the darkness grow outside. I hate this place. I hate the absence of anybody to talk to, of anyone worth talking to, and I’m just about at breaking point.

I don’t want to hear problems, Karl, I want to hear solutions.

Sure, don’t we all? At the moment I don’t have any. I’m sipping coffee as black and bitter as my worthless heart and just wondering how I let it get to this point when everyone around me seems to be getting on fine. They have their families, they have their houses and their life-the-way-it-should-be lives. Their lives which I see as pointless and dull. Maybe I should temper my aspirations… The more I think about that though, the more I refuse to do so.

I will not meekly shuffle down the path of mediocrity simply because it’s the easy way out. There’s something better out there, continually out of reach, but I will find it, even if I have to tear down the fucking sky to do so.

So here’s a song for you all to ignore.