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There’s no-one new around you





Stripping away onion skin slivers of my soul with every swipe
As I arbitrarily decide whether or not I want to

Fuck you.

Fuck it, right, right, right,
Who cares,
Who even needs to look anymore?
The faces blend into one,
The monotonous poses
Juxtaposed and superimposed
Before the eyes of this impostor.

My tongue, tipped in silver but
Finished with tin,
Reeling off lie after cliched lie
From some unwritten manual of manipulation,
But you lap them all up because
You want to believe;
You’re as dead as me inside and you want to
Let yourself pretend that this is real.

A meeting under false pretenses,
We both surrender to our cognitive dissonance.

A chat, a drink, a desperate, joyless fuck
Where you try to convince yourself that
It feels good,
And I try to convince myself that I can
Feel any fucking thing at all.

So here we lie, monstrous in our deception;
Equal weight but a single target,
Yet victims both, another layer gone,
One step closer to the core,
One sliver closer to the end.

So we smile and part ways and suggest
Another meeting we both know is never going to happen
And we spend the night writhing in guilt and shame
And self-hatred and emptiness,
Before we reach for the cure.





Act on instinct, know the truth from the lie

There are a number of personal statements below. fifty percent of them are true, and fifty percent are complete fabrications. I will not tell you which is which. Build up your own interpretation of me.

  1. I believe God is a crazy lady
  2. I believe that marriage is an archaic method of patriarchal subjugation
  3. I am unable to see the colour green
  4. I lost my virginity in a tent, at a music festival in 1994, to a girl whose name I can’t remember and whom I never saw again
  5. I am a vegetarian
  6. I used to drink heavily
  7. I have taken LSD, amphetamines and hashish (though not at the same time)
  8. My middle name is Ian
  9. I am an only child
  10. I am vastly overweight
  11. I finish every project I start
  12. Eighteen years ago I beat someone so savagely they almost died
  13. I quit drinking, smoking and all forms of drug abuse when I was 16
  14. I am unable to pronounce the letter “r”
  15. There is nothing I find more abhorrent than violence towards women
  16. I am the only member of my family who does not own their house
  17. I once stayed awake for thirty-six hours, during which time I drove the entire length of Great Britain
  18. I have an irrational fear of mirrors
  19. The only women I ever fall for are either completely insane or completely unattainable
  20. I am fluent in both English and German

There you go. Comment if you want to. I’d be interested to see what your impressions are.

100,000 wasted lives

Force fed lies,
Brainwashed children;
Mobilising silent armies.
Fill the void
With slick deception;
Shut their minds and damn their souls.

Claim your holy book is nothing but the truth
You're slowly sewing shut their eyes,
And if they question you, you'll punish them for peeling
Back the layers of your lies

Indoctrinate them so they'll
Never question you and
You can carry on controlling
Building up your armies,
Gathering your strength
And lying to the fucking world.

They've built temples founded on broken faith.
Rise, fight them, blinded by years of hate.
Stand, reclaim what was taken from you.
Eyes open, all they said was untrue.

Cut through their lies,
Open your eyes, find the truth.
Smash the temples,
Cast them down with the proof.

Moulded firm,
Grown up ignorant;
The youth in turn replace the generals.
Circles closed,
Torches passed on;
Hundred thousand wasted lives.

Closed your mind for so long lies become the truth,
Why can nobody see your proof?
Scientists are all wrong! Why would preachers lie
About the book that holds the truth?

Wake up, shut your book
Of fucking lies and find the
Answers to the questions
For so long denied.
There's no conspiracy,
There's no satanic plan,
So smash the circle break out now.

They've built temples founded on broken faith.
Rise, fight them, blinded by years of hate.
Stand, reclaim what was taken from you.
Eyes open, all they said was untrue.

Cut through their lies,
Open your eyes, find the truth.
Smash the temples,
Cast them down with the proof.

Please get out the new road if you can’t lend a hand…

I took at a trip to the windfarm which is currently under construction in a nearby village today. Eighty percent of the day had been wasted and I was determined to do something other than sit in the house drinking coffee. So I took my camera and walked the mile or so to the windfarm to grab some pictures.

Now, the local inhabitants have been in direct opposition to the windfarm. They claim it’s a terrible thing, predominantly because it will lower property values, but they also seem to have a plethora of other reasons which they frequently send out in propaganda mail outs around the village. I’ll address a few of these reasons in turn (If anyone out there lives in an area with some sort of opposition to Windfarms, leave a comment so that I know I’m not alone, please?).

OK so reason number 1: they’re too noisy. Allegedly, these turbines make such a terrible racket that it becomes impossible to sleep. Allegedly, the very earth continually vibrates, driving people insane. Now, the M1 motorway passes right next to the village. When I was stood reasonably near the turbines, all I could hear was the M1. I’m not sure what the vibrations thing was all about, I believe the locals read about it on a crazy conspiracy website.

Reason number 2: they kill birds. Many of these propaganda leaflets feature pictures of birds neatly sliced in half, presumably from the turbine blades, which as we all know are honed to a monomolecular edge in order to slice through anything in their path, right? Right? I have no idea how these birds in the pictures got sliced up, but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t a wayward flight into a wind turbine. I imagine the blades could give them a good bludgeoning if the flock was careless, but nice and sliced? I’m dubious. Besides, even if this was possible, I’m sure a few birds killed by turbine blades is an acceptable alternative to the death of all birds on the planet due to climate change.

Reason number 3: when they catch fire, they burn for weeks. I see. How often do these things catch fire? How many times have you read anywhere about a towering wind turbine inferno, burning with unquenchable flame which threatens to destroy entire cities? I suspect it’s a nice round number. Besides, if these things do catch fire, and burn for weeks, then surely it just means we have some cool looking fires up on one hundred and sixty metre high poles. Like a poor man’s olympic torch.

Reason 4: when the blades come off, they travel for miles, carving out a swathe of destruction. This is sort of reason 3 taken to a whole new level of crazy. I think these people genuinely believe that blades flying off and totalling villages is a regular occurrence. I don’t really have much to say on that. Perhaps they believe that every nuclear power station will meltdown at least twice a year too?

Reason 5: they cause asthma. This is my personal favourite. I don’t even think they properly explained the science behind this, but apparently, wind turbines in the village could cause chronic genetic breathing disorders. That’s right. THEY’RE STEALING THE AIR! BREATHE WHILE YOU CAN!

Reason 6: they cause epilepsy. On a par with reason 5 here. The spinning of the blades supposedly has a strobe-like effect which causes another genetic disorder and will have men women and children collapsing to the ground with seizures every five minutes. Again, a scientific explanation is entirely absent from their propaganda.

Reason 7: they will cause changes in the Earth’s orbit and rotation. This is off the charts as far as oddball crazy is concerned, so I’m going to repeat that just so that you can confirm that you read it correctly: they will cause changes in the Earth’s orbit and rotation. Yes, that’s right. These people looked at the turbines, and probably noted that they have a similar appearance to aircraft propellers. And so in what can only be described as “Lilbourne logic”, they assume that with enough of these propellers in action, they will act as a little engine for the Earth, making it spin in wider circles around the sun, or changing the rotational period so that a day becomes only 17 hours or something. I am not making this up, these people actually believe this.

I generally became ostracised from the rest of the village when I hung a poster in my window which said “I say YES to the windfarm!” in a mockery of all of their “we say NO!” posters. The leader of the village protest group (a man I shall refer to here as Don Quixote) was loudly proclaiming that “They’re ineffective, and only last for twenty years!” I drew his ire when I asked how long oil fired power stations last when there’s no oil left to burn.

One village inhabitant is considering making their house into a pub to serve the village. They sent round a questionnaire asking for some suggested names. So far they have suggested “The Station Inn” and “The Village Inn”. I suggested “The Windf Arms”. I’m not sure how well my suggestion will go down. I’m sure they’ll be chasing me with pitchforks soon enough. After all, I do have a purrrdy mouth.

But all of that aside, The windfarm itself looks spectacular, this photo really doesn’t do it justice (click to expand):


Support renewable energy, and have fun messing with NIMBYs’ heads.