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Hajime Mashite, bitches

Not┬ámany┬ápeople know that I have a love of Japanese Pop music. I think this probably stems from my wasted teenage years where I played an awful lot of japanese video games. Or possibly the anime I watched, back in the days when anime didn’t suck (Or maybe it always sucked, but I was only a teenager so I never realised). Whatever the reason, I still like Japanese pop music.

Like any genre of music though, after a while things start to get stale and I begin to lose my enjoyment of the artform. But then something great happens to breathe new life into it, or there is some sort of fusion with another genre which creates a synergy of styles to keep me entertained.

Recently I discovered a Japanese pop act which handled this fusion with aplomb. What do you get if you take three japanese schoolgirls singing ditzy J-Pop and replace the backing music with a brutal chugging metal band? Babymetal. The metal and the J-Pop have such complete polar opposite soundscapes that the fusion of the two should NEVER work, by by the Goddess, it works.

Of course, it helps that the guitar work is nice and chugging, and the drumming has a pounding double kick to it. Mix in the J-Pop keyboards with a slightly sinister edge to it, and those three schoolgirls singing and dancing along in a well rehearsed synchronous style, and it just works.

As far as I can tell, Babymetal are the only act who have fused these two styles. But if you know of any others, please recommend them in the comments below.