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And don’t feed me your bullshit lies about him “moving in mysterious ways”

Either there’s no God
Or God is malevolent
And I despise him

When next she comes calling

I dreamt that I
Spied that pale rider
Out on the road to nowhere.
Elegance preternatural
Betrayed by murderous intent,
she scanned the horizon
East to west.


Without so much as a
Shift in her saddle,
She raised her head and
Drank in the air.
Tasting, analysing,
Seeking the uncharacteristically
Elusive prey.


Kicking the stirrups,
She cantered across the
Dirt caked road,
Kicking out a billowing shroud
Which expanded defiantly
As she moved ever closer.
Yet still I evaded her soul-less gaze.


This encounter was not like before.
No quiet sympathy,
No words of reassurance.
If I glimpsed the void in her eyes
I knew it would be the for the last time.
Yet as she rode slowly away
I stared, entranced by her beauty…

And longed for her embrace.