A fortune in silver medals

Didn’t get the job.
And no prize for second place.
You fucking failure


  1. Arcadia2015

    Never mind, nothing is lost, you’ve still got your job security and your rather exciting summer position and whoever the new colleague is will bring new unforeseen stuff to the table to learn tricks from. Yeah take another negative feedback loop for now but with plus one experience 😉

    • 2Karl

      Well actually is with +0 experience. The reason I didn’t get the job was lack of experience. But you can’t get the sclerotic without getting the job. So I’ve not really learned much, other than the fact that it doesn’t matter how good I am, I will always lose.

      • Arcadia2015

        I can see how you could dismiss it entirely, it is quite literally a dis-appointment, to not achieve your desired potential appointment, but you’ve made a positive personal shift forwards in attempting to make it a reality, from brief internal thoughts- to considered spoken words- to positive physical action; you very nearly made it actually happen! So close! Alas not this time, as someone was further along than you this time, but all is still well, fresh plan B time.

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