This all consuming fracture

A thousand twisted faces
Stare back at me
From the shattered shards
Of the mirrors I broke
During my unending search
For freedom;
Stare back laughing,
Mouthing the words which
I deny over and over,
The words I refuse to believe.
The nagging doubt
Which creeps into my ears
And takes up residence in my mind,
Displacing the contentment
Which once presided over
This banana republic.
I close my eyes and lash out,
Ears shrieking tinnitus turmoil
As my voice rises
To deafening crescendo,
My fists lash out
At these ghosts of myself,
Knuckles cut to ribbons
On the futility of facts
I cannot allow to be true.
And the whole time,
That legion of demons
Stares back laughing,
Mouthing the words which
I can no longer deny,
And over
And over
Until I believe them,
And find myself inside the mirror as well, mouthing:



  1. katmphotography

    brilliant piece of writing. what inspired you to write this? sorry if this is too personal a question but i am infinitely curious, when i read a brilliant piece of writing such as this, as to where the inspiration hailed from…. x

    • 2Karl

      I write as a vent for my frustration and depression. This piece describes the feeling i get when i see my face in the mirror on a particularly bad day like today. All those broken promises, all those people I tried and failed to be, they all come rushing into my mind.

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