Schwarzchild Scream

Late night screams fall on deaf ears;
Either they just ain’t listening
Or they were never really here
To listen anyway,
Just to watch, observe, account
And fade back to grey
As night descends.
But these non-committal
Ghosts of my past still
Haunt the places I fear to go:
Places drenched in long ago
Events, the stain of choices rendered
With no thought to consequence
And no avenue for retreat.
The light leached from my eyes,
The life drained from my heart,
I can’t even summon up the
Energy to whimper anymore.
Stale sweat and crusted tears
A patina across the surface
Of this broken colossus,
Built tall by people long forgotten
And left to weather
And rot
And decay
Once their empire collapsed;
A hint of their once great work
Long since superseded
By the trivial antics of those who came after.
And so my mind draws back from those dark places
And I think to myself:
Am I the one screaming?
Or am I just the amplifier?


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