Kilimanjaro poetry competition

In August next year, myself, some staff and students from my school will be trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world and the highest point on the African continent. We’re doing this in order to raise money for charity. Our aim is to raise £30,000.

Any budding poets out there could do me a huge favour and enter the competition which I have organised with Dagda Publishing.

Full details are at

The theme is “Overcoming Obstacles”

It costs £3 to enter, and you can enter up to 5 poems (£3 a poem). Of that £3, £1 will go to Myton Hospice, a charity which not only helps the terminally ill but also provides support to children who have lost loved ones due to terminal illness; £1 will go to Dementia UK, the charity which provides support to sufferers of Dementia and their families (this has a special meaning for me as I lost my grandfather recently to dementia); the final £1 will go into a prize fund.

First prize wins 75% of the prize fund and gets their poem published. Second prize wins 25% of the prize fund and gets their poem published. Third prize gets their poem published.

Even if you think you suck at poetry, go and enter. it helps me out, it helps two great charities out, and it gives you a chance to be creative.

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