Well that certainly raised the bar…

Yesterday I attended Swingamajig, an all day electroswing festival held in Digbeth, Birmingham. The festival ran for 15 hours, from 2pm through to 5am and featured a plethora of superb acts. I can say without a doubt that this is the best music festival I have ever been to, and I have been to many.

The entertainment was superb, the environment was atmospheric (the main stage was hosted under one of the arches of the old railway bridge), and the sound was spectacular. However, the thing that left the biggest impression on me was the people.

I have never before met such a friendly group of people at a music event. There were no pretensions, no judgement, no cliques. Everyone was friendly and approachable, and smiles were in abundance. These people were united by a solitary purpose – to have as much fun as possible.

I got numerous comments on my dancing, and a few people asked me to teach them. I did what I could of course. However, as good a dancer as I may be, I’ve always been a lone-wolf. Watching accomplished swing dancing partners tear up the floor was a sight to behold, and it filled me with joy.

So it’s the morning (or afternoon) after, and I am aching. My legs ache from dancing around on concrete for 15 hours. My face aches from the virtually non stop grinning. My throat aches from the scintillating conversations I had. So all I can do is say thank you – to the organisers, to the performers, to the coffee vendor, and to the people I met: Kathy; Simon; Jess; Lee; Liam; Ed; Kelly; everyone else who came and said hi (if I missed you out, it’s because I’m terrible with names unless I have a register!). All of you conspired to make yesterday a superb one.

Maybe I’ll see you at Shambala!



  1. Tom

    I couldnt agree more, its the people that make Swingamajig amazing, and the people who come are the nicest crowd of any event I have ever been too. Thanks so much for your kind words and see you at Shambala, we will be running Swingamajig’s Speakeasy, come join us for a drink!
    Tom – Swingamajig/Electric Swing Circus

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