First Stafford, next…. the world!

Well last night’s show was better than I could have possibly anticipated. When I first set off, however, I wasn’t sure I’d make it at all.

There had been an accedent on the M6 (which is one of the UK’s most notorious roads), which had traffic bcked up between Rugby and Coventry. I didn’t want to be stuck on the M6 for hours, so I decided to take a detour around Coventry and then rejoin the motorway out past Birmingham… I hadn’t counted on the rush hour. Two damn hours it took me to get to Stafford.

Still, make it I did and we managed to get a rudimentary sound check in before the doors opened. At the start of the night the place was pretty dead, and I was concerned that I’d got pumped only to play to a handful of people. But just before 9, a whole raft of people poured in. This was more promising

The bar we were playing in was pretty small, and people were pretty well packed in. this was good. I donned my war-paint and we hit the stage.

Everything went pretty much perfectly. Even when Alex, my drummer, dropped his stick, he managed to keep going one-handed until he grabbed a spare… and the speed that this guy plays, that’s no mean feat.

Crowd response was overwhelmingly positive. No polite ripples of applause, we’re talking full on cheering here. There was a small contingent of enthusiasts at the front beginning a moshpit, but considering the size of the place we were in, it’s probably fortuitous that it stayed small.

At the end of our set, the crowd were chanting for one more song. Unfortunately, our time was up and we had to make room for the headliners, UKID.

Feedback from crowd members was positive, many could not believe it was our first show, many others were deliberating on which bands we sounded like – Comback Kid? Dillinger Escape Plan? Converge? all of them and none of them. To me that’s a good sign. It tells me that our sound is reasonably unique, but that were have an appeal to fans of established hardcore acts.

We made £30 or so selling demo CDs on a “pay what you like” basis, with no minimum spend (we gave many away for free). The plan is that all proceeds will go towards recording an album. We’re not trying to make money from this, we just want to make people move. The guy that owns the studio where we practise has offered us a decent deal on recording time, so we have a target now

Our next show is at a Zombie Paintball event in May. The new material we’re working on will add momentum.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen: all my band members, their partners, The Grapes music bar in Stafford, Midlands Metalheads Radio for playing our stuff and promoting the gig, UKID for letting us borrow some of their kit to save time, and everyone who came out for a good time, especially those three lads who were into RnB but still got up to dance.

We’re set to smash the world to pieces.

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