Adventure update 9

Well last night was interesting. We found the dance floor. Jayke and Chris found the bar. Now, I don’t drink. And I don’t get on well with drunk people. And Chris and Jayke were very, VERY drunk.

After the pair of them stripped naked in order to convince the barmaid to switch the jukebox over (I’m sure it was a perfect plan in their alcohol riddled minds) we decided it was time to leave.

We trekked back to the hostel, me playing the role of surrogate father as usual, and Jayke loudly announcing that we “ball so hard motherfuckers wanna fight us”while I desperately tried to shut him up.

When we got back to the hostel we were greeted by the loudest snoring I have ever heard. This was too much for Jayke. He decided to sleep in the car rather than angrily wake the man up.

After a while, Chris and I realised that the snoring man was the only person asleep. We asked the three other Japanese guys in the room if they knew the snorer.Seriously, the guy sounded like he was dying. All of us found it hilarious, and we’re very thankful for Chris for waking the guy up and

asking him to be quiet.

I feel exhausted, full of aches and pains, but the Swiss muesli I’m reading right now is regenerating me.

2 days to go.


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