Passports? Passports? We don’t need no stinking passports

I’m writing this from on board the Eurostar train. Today myself and a couple of friends had planned to travel to London. On the way one of them joked that we should drive to see his dad in Switzerland…

“Let’s do it” I said.

And so with nothing but the clothes on our backs and what we had in the car, we motored down to folkstone.

“We don’t have passports,” said Chris.

“Pfft, I reckon we can blag it”

“Yeah and I have my military id” said Jayke. It was worth a try at least.

The border guard was dubious when we showed our driving licenses. The military id convinced him. He told us we could go, but we might have problems getting back into the country… but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In 10 hours well be in Switzerland, base jumping. This, my friends, is living.

Updates to follow…


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