We’re meant for something more than living just to put food on our plates

I’m sat in a coffee bar in my home-town listening to terrible music and watching the darkness grow outside. I hate this place. I hate the absence of anybody to talk to, of anyone worth talking to, and I’m just about at breaking point.

I don’t want to hear problems, Karl, I want to hear solutions.

Sure, don’t we all? At the moment I don’t have any. I’m sipping coffee as black and bitter as my worthless heart and just wondering how I let it get to this point when everyone around me seems to be getting on fine. They have their families, they have their houses and their life-the-way-it-should-be lives. Their lives which I see as pointless and dull. Maybe I should temper my aspirations… The more I think about that though, the more I refuse to do so.

I will not meekly shuffle down the path of mediocrity simply because it’s the easy way out. There’s something better out there, continually out of reach, but I will find it, even if I have to tear down the fucking sky to do so.

So here’s a song for you all to ignore.


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