Song (and dance) of the day

Today’s song of the day is slightly different. Rather than just giving you a youtube link you can click on and listen to, I’ve linked one that’s actually worth watching while you listen.

The song, “Moan”, is a superb example of French trip-hop, by an act called Amanyth. Their work used to be available on but I can’t seem to find it now. However you can visit their blog here:

The track also boasts vocal from Kristin Hersh, a woman with the most spellbinding voice I’ve heard. There are a number of other Amanyth pieces which feature Hersh’s vocals. You can visit her website here:

The visual aspect of the video features a true master of powermove freestyle, known as Marcio. The twist is that he was filmed at a high shutter speed and the footage is edited together in slow motion, with the occasional ramp up in pace. It’s an absolutely mesmerising experience. The strength, the grace, the finesse is all captured in pinpoint detail.

These are moves I only dream of performing.


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