Song of the day (again)

Because you all hate this section so much I’m going to keep on running it.

Today’s song of the day is “Survive” by Rise Against. I started to get sick of reading a bunch of whiny blog posts from various authors about how “Oooh she dumped me” and “ahh my life sucks” and “boo hoo I have no money”, and I wanted to tell all of these people to grow some balls.

Life can be a shitty ride at times, but the only way to deal with the problems is to face them head on. How we overcome those problems defines us as people. So stop moaning about that girl you like and go talk to her. Stop moaning about your shit life and go fix it. Stop moaning about how you want to kill yourself and either a) do it or b) seek therapy to try to overcome whatever demons lurk within. (seriously, that last point – if you’re genuinely contemplating suicide, don’t paste messages to the faceless blogosphere seeking empty platitudes from faceless strangers. Talk to someone close to you, or if you have nobody, call the samaritans or something).

Anyway I’m getting off track. This song’s about dealing with your problems.


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