About last night…

The party starts here
In this shit-burg run down town
In an unknown pub.

Venture out further
To a loud, obnoxious bar.
That was a mistake.

Back to the first one
And hit the dancefloor, but they’re
Not ready for me

Tear up the whole place
And now all eyes are on me
What drugs are you on?

High on life, you fools.
You should try it out sometime;
The cheaper option.

More stupid questions:
“Hey, are you from Jamaica?”
“Nah, just got de dread.”

And then there’s this one:
“Are you a professional
Dancer?” “No, Teacher.”

So says the barmaid:
“Best dancer I’ve ever seen!”
“Not seen many, then?”

End of the night, I
Trudge home alone. Seems to me
People are still scared.


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