More songs of the day

Continuing on with the remarkably unpopular “song of the day” series, here’s today’s tunes. Originally there was just going to be one of them, but as I sat drinking coffee I thought of several more, so I figured, what they hell, nobody reads this crap anyway.

First up is “Eclipse” by Apoptygma Berzerk. I love Apop’s older stuff, and the futurepop sound is captured perfectly with this one. Very cyberpunk, in my mind:

Next up are two awesome Goatrance classics, Cydonia’s “Animals” and Juno Reactor’s “Tanta Pena”. Originally I was just going to list “Animals” as song of the day, as it’s one of my favourite goatrance tracks and is great to dance to. But I kept comparing it to “Tanta Pena” in my head and couldn’t decide which was best.

Why not have a listen and let me know? Or you could completely ignore this post in its entirety and I’ll carry on pissing into the wind.



  1. 2Karl

    Booo it says not available in my country. I’ll try getting round it with a proxy, but will have to wait until I have internet in my house.

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