Change or Die

When I was a teenager, I used to get together with a friend every Friday night and rent a video. I mean, a movie on a videocassette. Yeah, a VHS videocassette. Because there were no DVDs back then.

We’d invariably rent some terrible B-Movie, like Beastmaster, Amazon Queen II, The Barbarian Brothers or Equalizer 2000. I haven’t made those titles up, that was how we spent one summer. Those movie were hilarious, and I miss the feeling that I was about to die through lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.

I walked past the place where we used to rent these tapes from yesterday. It’s still there… Although it appears to have wound up business a long time ago (like, before DVDs were a thing). It was quite eerie seeing the place abandoned, still with the signage over the top, still with opening hours etched onto the door.

It was like seeing an old lover who used to be everything you’d hoped for, but she never changed, never tried anything new, never sparked the fire that she did when you first met. And so, regretfully you had to tell her that you were leaving. And then you see her ten years later and she’s still the same, and at first you remember fondly the love you once shared… But then all you feel for her is pity.

I mean that was the allegory which first popped into my head. Take a look at the place:


Oh, Indianavision, we had some good times. But you never changed.


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