The best laid plans of mice and men are doomed to failure

Well to be honest this wasn’t a particularly good plan. And there were no mice involved. But fail it did.

So the boarting holiday that was arranged at the last minute and had me all excited was canceled. Why? Becasue the requirements stated “minimum two able bodied people”. Right.

Now I don’t exactly have a huge circle of friends. Those friends I do have, naturally, all have jobs. Many of them also have families. So phoning people up on a Saturday afternoon and saying “What’s the chances of you getting next week off work so you can come on a boating trip with me” naturally met with a universal response of “No chance, mate.”

Nevertheless, I decided to go the marina anyway and see if there was any flexibility in these requirements. There wasn’t. I was not getting on the boat. And so there I was, my Sunday mostly wasted, sat in a marina car park in Nottingham. I did what any sensible person did in the situation.

I went to Sherwood Forest.

By chance, the Robin Hood Festival was on at Sherwood, so I was treated to a variety of Jousting displays, archery, falconry, wandering apothecaries (I didn’t sample their herbs) and other mediaeval themed events. The weather was good and I had a fun time walking round the forest. The £5 parking fee was less agreeable, but in for a penny, in for a pound, right?

Here’s a picture of The Major Oak, a rather mighty specimen of Quercus robur which is allegedly a thousand years old. To give you a sense of scale, the trunk is about three metres across. That’s a whole lot of tree right there.



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