On the canals and the rivers free, no hasty words are spoken

I got a call from my mother today. Apparently my grandmother has wrangled some sort of boat trip holiday for me. Pending confirmation, I’d leave on Monday for a week, living on a canal boat. I don’t know which canal.

So I fully intend to spend my time leisurely cruising the waterways, and trying to get as far as I can away from this town. The downside is that I’ll be trying to drive a narrowboat on my own. Apparently this is tricky. Still, I’m hoping to not sink. At least not in the first day.

I’m toying with the idea of taking my jolly roger and making a nuisance of myself, pulling up alongside other boats and performing boarding actions in order to plunder their booty. At the same time though I doubt many people would find it amusing. People these days have no sense of humour you see.

I predict that my week will consist mostly of exploring the waterways of the UK, taking some photos, reading and trying to work out how the hell to feed myself. Sound good? No.

Sounds fucking awesome.


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