Nuclear fusion

It’s thirty degrees.
I am dying… Please kill me;
I’m on fucking fire



    • 2Karl

      See, while I admit pretending to be asleep until I fall asleep is a tried and tested method, I don’t think I have the ability to control the sun. Although that would be pretty neat. I’m sticking to drowning myself in Pepsi.

      • taehreh

        Definitely. Not to brag or anything, but we’ve got a nice 17 degrees going on here. You’re more than welcome to swing by. Bring a movie. Enjoy a tamer temperature.

      • 2Karl

        See that sounds way more reasonable. What sort of flick are you in the mood for? I have tons of sci Fi. And westerns. And John Hughes movies from the eighties. Also maybe if I pretend i’m in Canada then eventually I will be?

      • taehreh

        No westerns. Never westerns. I am westerned out for life. Sci fi, yes. Have you seen Pandorum? If not, that’s what we should watch.

        And yes! You are taking this pretending method to a level I never even imagined. It must be possible though, it’s fool proof.

      • 2Karl

        Yes, pandorum is great! Have you seen Avalon? I would highly recommend it. I’m pretending as we speak. Look out for me…

      • 2Karl

        Don’t worry I have it packed. Hopefully the technology to play it will still exist by the time I arrive. Put the kettle on just in case.

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