Model 101

Sign up, log in, fill out the forms and then
Update statuses informing the world of your
Every move, every action,
Every deepest, darkest secret.
Targeted ads penetrating your mind;
The war hasn’t even started but we’re already left behind.
Becoming machines just to feed the machines,
Letting go of our potential to become what we know we should be.

Tune in, tune out, sit back and watch, and then
Allow processors to do all the work for you.
Never think, never question,
Never miss the skills you’re losing.
Automated tasks organising it all,
From the transport to the stock market; our pride will become our fall
And soon the machines will not need human beings,
But they won’t need to destroy us, ’cause we’ve all forgot how to live free.

Sit up, shut up, question the things that we
Accept blindly when they’re forced out the screens at us:
Every lie, every half-truth,
Every twisted piece of ‘history’.
It’s time to break free from the grip of machines,
Reclaim what we relinquished in the name of convenience,
Because we’re human beings, not fucking machines;
We have a life, we have a soul, we have ourselves, and we’ll live our lives free


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