From Russia, with love

The prize for “best thing to happen this year” is a pretty tightly fought contest, but storming into the lead is an event which occurred today. I returned home from work to find a couple of letters on my floor. One was from BT, so I threw it to one side before I flew into a blind rage. The second was adorned with exotic postage stamps, and postmarked “Novorossiysk, Russia”.

This was awesome for a number of reasons, which I will address in due course. The first reason the letter was awesome is because it was a surprise. I ADORE surprises. Truly. Nothing reminds me that life is more than a boring monotony of similar days than a few well placed surprises. Now, obviously receiving a letter from the Russian Federation is not something which happens every day, and I only know one person in Russia, so the “who” was not the surprise. But the “how” and the “why” certainly were.

So I cautiously opened the envelope to find the second awesome part of this whole event. Inside there was a birthday card (2 weeks late, but I really don’t mind), an origami dinosaur and a foil etching of another (rather fearsome looking) dinosaur. Let me just repeat that for you. An origami dinosaur and a foil etching of another dinosaur. Long term readers (yeah, both of you), will recall that dinosaurs are possibly my favourite things, so can you imagine how big my grin was when I saw the crafted dinosaur imagery laid out before me?

As you can probably appreciate, by this point I am so happy I cannot stop smiling, but that’s not even the end of the awesome. There was also a birthday card with a message from my friend over in Novorossiysk. I’m not going to tell you what it said as that’s none of your business, but I will tell you that the handwriting in this card is hands down the most beautiful script I have ever seen. I spent a good few minutes just admiring the letters before I even read the words. And considering this was written by someone who uses a different alphabet to me, it’s even more impressive.

The message inside was heart warming, uplifting, superb. I read it through over and over, smiling incessantly. This was the best birthday present ever. The only downside is the fact that as my friend is in Russia, I can’t properly thank her for it. Hopefully some day I’ll have the opportunity to do so.

Da Svedanya!


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