Small town UK

This place chews up dreams
And spits them back out
Malformed and obscene;
And so, riddled with doubt,
I make a slight change,
My plans rearrange,
And the trap slowly closes around me.

Countless dead ends,
A pub on each corner,
I look for my friends
But it’s way past last orders.
I have to reshape
My life and escape,
But I’m more trapped the more that I struggle.

This dead-nowhere town,
Devoid of all soul,
The shops all run down;
I can’t break the hold!
I scream to be free
But this town has claimed me;
I’m chewed up, and spat out, and broken.



  1. teardropsofink

    I’m not sure whether ‘liking’ this means I’m being supportive or if it means I like sadness.

  2. teardropsofink

    Ha. Not hardly. I think I’m just sympathizing. And trying to be supportive. I know what it’s like to be surrounded by broken people and idiots. As for the dead end bit – it seems they’re always building new things here, but the little mom-and-pop shops, the nice old places that have so much character are the ones dying out and getting crushed underneath whatever new, shiny, industrialized chain store the public HAS to have.

    • 2Karl

      Seems people come here with plans to move on and just get trapped. I spent an hour walking through town today and saw about ten people. For a town with a population of 60000, that is dead.

  3. teardropsofink

    I live in a retirement town. So, basically, people come here to die. Cheery thought, that.
    And oh my. I see what you mean by dead.

  4. teardropsofink

    That’s how most of the people here spend their last days as their souls slowly drift out like the tide.

  5. teardropsofink

    It’s the rare and beautiful few who don’t that force a person to slightly shift their jaded view of humanity.

    • 2Karl

      It’s a poem about a dreary town which has murdered my dreams and left me a broken shell of a man. I’m not sure I’d call that ‘inspiring’, but thanks.

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