Three days of bliss without the ignorance

Well this weekend has been superb, and no mistake. I’ve spent time with my closest friends. I’ve reconnected with some great people. I’ve danced, I’ve sung, I’ve smiled. This needs to continue.

I was going to explain what I did on Friday, but I realised that effectively the good times started on Thursday. I visited a close friend whom I have not seen in a while. We chatted, we ate fajitas and we watched “Godmoney“. It’s not an amazing movie, but it’s good.

Godmoney” tells the story of a young man, Nathan, who moves out east in order to escape his past. A high school drop out, Nathan had become involved in all sorts of nefarious activity and had witnessed the death of his friends. Desperate to escape the lifestyle he was a part of, he fled to California. However, when Nathan arrives, he find it difficult to make ends meet. He is let go from his job, and can’t find work elsewhere, and finds himself slowly getting dragged back down into the life he used to be a part of, simply in order to survive. Eventually he comes up with a plan to escape, but even that starts falling apart near the end. Needless to say, there is no happy ending.

Sitting, watching, chatting; it reminded me of just why I like to keep my friends so close. They truly are valuable.

On Friday I went to the pub with a few of my oldest friends. I’ve known these guys since high school and they’ve stuck with me through the very worst of times. We sat talking about nothing in particular. It felt great. No plans, no agenda, just chatting, laughing, smiling. Then we decided to head to another pub and get some food.

A slight aside – the pub in question do some decent food, at very reasonable prices. I went for a burger and chips (that’s chunky French fries for our american readers, not potato chips), which was £4.19 with a soft drink. There was no price listed without a drink, but I naturally assumed it would be cheaper. So I decided not to have the drink. I was charged £5.19. When I queried this I was told I didn’t order a drink, hence the higher price.

“It’s a pound more expensive if I DON’T have a drink?” I asked. “In that case, can I have a Pepsi and my pound back?” They were courteous about it and sorted it out with no quibbles. We then carried on talking and laughing and probably making a nuisance of ourselves, before returning to the pub we started in and playing some board games (Alhambra and Ticket To Ride, for those interested).

We all left at around midnight, but my smile had still not faded come the morning.

The next day I got a call from my friends asking if I wanted to join them for brunch. Now I was still full up from the meal last night, but I went along for coffee (I ended up getting a bacon and egg sandwich too). More chatting about random things while my friends tucked into their lasagne (how they can fit all that food inside them is a mystery to me). I headed home around 1pm and sat playing guitar for an hour or so.

It was around that time that the happiness hangover was threatening to hit, so I decided to text a friend I’d not really spoken to in a while to see what he was up to. I had time to kill and no weapons – maybe he was in the same boat. The plan was to go round his house, catch up and watch a movie. That never happened.

What actually happened was that when I got to his house we found we had so much to talk about that the simply was not time for anything else except chatting. We talked for hours, about our jobs, about our lives, about our hobbies, about films, about games, about all sorts. It was truly superb. When it was time to leave I didn’t realise that 11pm was already long past. I think it was coming up for midnight when I left.

As I was heading home, however, I got a message from another friend asking if I wanted to meet in town. I decided what the hell, and heading straight there. That’s how I ended up in a dingy night club, dancing to some of the most rubbish, dated tunes imaginable, and loving every minute of it. It was difficult to talk in the club due to the music, so I just decided to out-dance all the kids on the floor. Seriously, what is it with today’s youth? No stamina.

So I ended up flopping into bed at around 2:30am.

Today I decided to visit a different coffee shop to the one I normally frequent. I discovered a charming place which serves decent coffee at a decent price and also offers a range of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. What’s more, they have live jazz music every Friday.

So that’s next weekend sorted out.



  1. 2Karl

    As a footnote, I got a text from my brother after writing this blog entry asking I’d I wanted to go to the cinema. I rounded up the troops and headed over to watch world war z. After that, my brother and one of my friends went home, but my other friend and I decided to get some fried chicken and kick back for an hour and then watch another movie, snitch. I’ve just arrived back gone, at the end of an extremely enjoyable few days.

      • 2Karl

        It was ok. I’m pretty bored of zombie flicks, but I thought I’d give it a chance. It wasn’t really anything like the trailer indicated it would be, but it was enjoyable, if a little silly at times.

    • taehreh

      I watched Warm Bodies the other day which gives kind of a unique spin (I think) to the zombie genre. It wasn’t amazing, but it was pretty funny and a nice watch. Oh, and as an aside- you are a completely captivating person. I will be reading. 🙂

      • 2Karl

        That’s the zombie romance one? I think I’ve heard people talk about it, never seem it though. And i’m not sure anyone has described me as “captivating”before. Good to have you aboard 😉

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