Post-millenial introspection

So I’m not sure how this Liebster award thing works, but I’ve apparently been nominated, thanks to So thank you firstly for reading and secondly for the nomination. I now have a set of increasingly complex requirements to fulfil.

Liebster Awards

Firstly I need to link back to the nominator (which I have done, multiple times).

Secondly, I must post 11 facts about myself.

Finally, said nominator has a series of questions which I must answer. I then have to nominate other bloggers with less than 200 followers for this same award. Seems relatively painless. I mean, it’s essentially a myspace chain-spam but on blogs, and with a logo to put on there. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it’s used responsibly.

Read more about the origins of the Liebster award

OK so 11 facts:

1. I’ve had my dreadlocks for nearly 13 years

2. I’ve been straight-edge for more than half my life

3. I enjoy pen and paper roleplaying games.

4. I’ve had a variety of weird and wacky jobs, including video games tester, video games producer, karate instructor, tree surgeon and high school computing teacher

5. I used to be hella fat.

6. I’m a Discordian. I worship Eris, goddess of disorder.

7. I have a thing for redheads, Russian accents, and strong willed women.

8. I have a huge interest in small town America, although I’m not sure whether the portrayal of same in movies and TV shows is anything like real life.

9. When I go out walking I imagine myself as the last survivor of a nuclear apocalypse.

10. MY favourite book is Neuromancer by William Gibson.

11. I read The Bible cover to cover when I was 15 and thought most of it sucked. Not because it was about God and suchlike, but because they kept starting sentences with “and”. If it really is the word of God, then that dude needs to take some writing lessons (DISCLAIMER: I know it was translated from Hebrew and Greek. I was cracking a weak joke).

The questions:

1. Which book did you last read? I just finished reading “Morgawr” by Terry Brooks. I’m now reading “Jarka Ruus” by the same author.

2. What is the last song that made you cry? “Artist in the Ambulance” by Thrice.

3. If you could live any life, any where, with anyone…….what would it be? That question’s too hard to answer. I couldn’t settle on one single life, but regardless it would be a life of adventure. Either as a deck-cowboy in The Sprawl, or maybe a pirate on an airship…  or deep space explorer in the uncharted territories… I don’t know. Who with? The people I met on my travels. Some might join me, some might not. But one thing’s for sure: chasing women would be my downfall.

4. Since starting your blog, can you look back and see how you’ve grown from it all? Possibly. When I started I wasn’t sure what I was going to write. I still don’t. But I seem to have developed a fondness of haikus

5. Do you speak fluent sarcasm? I have no idea what sarcasm is.

6. Is there a genre of music that you most particularly enjoy? Early 2000’s Melodic Hardcore. Boysetsfire. Thrice. Strike Anywhere. Much The Same. Break The Silence… Great stuff.

7. If there were 3 more hours in the day, how would you employ them? Designing a new clock which can cope with two half days of 14 and a half hours each without being unreadable.

8. What is your most amusing quirk? I’m “the best boyfriend a girl could wish for” (direct quote) and I’m still single.

9. If you could be perfect in any one skill, what would it be? (regardless of if you already possess a modicum of it or not) Depends. Does adaptability count as a skill? I’d like to be able to watch someone’s movements and mimic their motion. Hear their voice and recreate it. Adjust to any given situation with whatever tools are at hand.

10. Dessert – yes or no? Depends on the dish and how hungry I am. And how much money I have. Usually “no, but I wish I could afford it”.

11. Are you tired of answering questions yet? Nah, this reminds me of those old school MySpace spams I used to love filling in.

OK so I’m also supposed to nominate other bloggers, but I’m not sure I know any with less than 200 readers. So let’s do it this way: If you read this, and have less than 200 followers, consider yourselves nominated. Here’s your questions:

1. which is your favourite star?

2. How long do you spend making decisions on food choices at restaurants?

3. how long do you then spend regretting those decisions?

4. What is your opinion of book to movie adaptations?

5. Do you care about odd socks?

6. What is your favourite dinosaur?

7. Can I buy you a drink? (Actual drink purchase dependent on answer to question 6)

8. Which is best: Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Cypherpunk, Seapunk, Biopunk or Dieselpunk?

9. How many of the above terms did I make up on the fly?

10. Take any two characters from literature and place them in a room together. Who are they, what do they do, what do they say?

11. If you had to have one personality flaw, what would it be?

Have fun with that 😉


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