Effectus Lepidopterae

Last night was a good one. A good night for reaching out, a good night for meeting people. A good night for initiating change.

Remember a few days ago I mentioned how I got a Latvian photographer’s business card while busking? Well, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to send an email his way. I mean, what harm could it do? We arranged to meet in a local pub for a couple of drinks and a chat.

So it turns out this guy is trying to build up a portfolio.The reason he’s trying to build up a portfolio is that he’s trying to ESCAPE. He came here to the UK with dreams of making it big. He wanted to take photographs of people, and had a plan of sorts. Work in a warehouse while he builds up his portfolio, send out some feelers, make some contacts, sign some contracts, move to London, make more money, travel the world. Seems like a reasonable plan. I remember having similar plans.

So what went wrong? Well, he somehow washed up here in Rugby, the town of shattered dreams, and things just sort of stalled.

As we talked, I realised that although we came from two completely different cultures, we shared a lot of goals and ambitions. Both of us are creative types. Both of us have the remains of a dream smouldering in the back of our minds. Both of us are stuck in this dead end town with no real friends and no real idea how to find like minded people.

So we talked about his plans for a photoshoot involving me and my guitar. We discussed the work he’d done, the music I’d made. I mentioned wanting to form a band. He mentioned his housemate was a drummer. It’s interesting how a single contact can set off so many ripples which reach the far edges of shores long thought unreachable. He’s passed my cantact details on. We’ll see how that goes.

He told me of his travels around Europe before washing up here. We discussed our shared love of airport terminals, of the temporary friends you meet on long journeys, about how often those people you know you are never going to see again are the ones you are the most honest with…

This kindled a new idea in me. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and tell my story, but now I have a new goal. I want to travel the world. I want to hear other peoples’ stories, and I want to tell stories about those stories. I mean I could start now, if any of you out there have stories to tell, by all means email them to me. I’ll keep everything nicely anonymous too.

But we also just started chatting about life in general. Both of us have an interest in the Soviet Union of old, but we grew up on opposite sides of the iron curtain. It was fantastic to hear the thoughts of someone who had seen those soviet secrets first hand…. That led to a discussion about abandoned military bases, and abandoned buildings in general. I mentioned the abandoned airbase nearby, at Church Lawford. His eyes lit up. We arranged a trip to grab some photos and generally explore the area.

We ended the conversation with a discussion on how society has never accepted us, and how that has perpetually frustrated us. We shook hands, both echoing the same phrase:

“Let’s change it.”

I left the pub feeling like I’d made a new friend. It’s difficult to describe the feelings I had as I walked home in the light of the pale evening sun, just reflecting on how that one chance meeting, one casually sent email could have such far reaching consequences.

Sensitive dependence on initial conditions. That’s the fundamental principle of Chaos Theory. I feel Eris’ hands at work here. I love that crazy bitch.


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